Lessons from CEOs

I recently had the opportunity to speak with CEOs of three successful companies, on three separate occasions.  There were many lessons to be learned:

1)   Issues and problems will always come up.  What you can control is your mindset when such issues arise.

2)   My job isn’t to do what others (including some very influential people) want, but instead I need to steer the organization based on my own vision, taking advantage of resources I have access to (again, including some people in high places).

3)   It’s all about priorities.  Some days I feel like I accomplished a lot, only to realize that all I did was cross items off my to-do list.

4)   To create a successful organization requires 80 small steps, not 3 big ones.  It may be hard to see the progress now, but all the behind-the-scenes work will pay off in the long run.

5)   Nothing beats face-to-face interaction.

I have a lot to learn.


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