How to Get to the Millennium Villages in Tanzania

The school meals program that TFT supports is located in the Tabora region in western Tanzania.  It is arguably the most remote of all the Millennium Villages, making transportation and procurement of goods a significant challenge.

The typical route for those traveling to Tabora is to first fly into Dar es Salaam, the economic capital of Tanzania located on the eastern coast.  One would then take a domestic flight to Mwanza in northern Tanzania, and drive 6-8 hours south to reach the town of Tabora.  This is where the Millennium Villages Project’s office is located.  It is another 36km (on unpaved roads) to the nearest village.

Fortunately for the TFT team, Air Tanzania resumed operations on November 1st (after 4 years of no service), including a direct flight between Dar and Tabora.  The only catch: the flights only operate 3 days a week.  We arrived to Dar on Sunday but had to wait until Wednesday morning for the next flight to Tabora.


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