TFT DC Chapter Bounenkai (Year-End Party) at Yosaku

On December 18th, TFT’s DC chapter hosted its annual end-of-the year party to reflect on a year of activities and decide where to go from here.  And, naturally, to celebrate the Japanese bounenkai with delicious food and some karaoke.
We are so happy that our guests could make it in spite of the frigid cold and delays on the metro.
Reminiscing on a year of events and familiarizing others with TFT’s activities.
Yosaku owner Kondo-san takes the stage to welcome our guests and grace us with his sense of humor.
 Garnering suggestions for ways to improve next year.  Among the recommended ideas were “healthy katsudon” more Africa-related events and even a benefit run.
Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely meal catered by Yosaku.
And what would a TFT event be without our healthy TFT Veggie Roll.
How can you say “no” to a face like that?
 And what would a “bounenkai” be without good ol’ fashioned karaoke?  Certainly not as interesting.


We give big thank you to Kondo-san for making sure everything was perfect for this event!
And many thanks to our guests who ventured out on a chilly December afternoon to join us and lend their suggestions.  Your enthusiasm motivates us to bring even more to the “table” next year.

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