– Connecting Hungry Americans with Home Gardeners

I attended a TEDx event yesterday, titled “Changing the Way We Eat.”  There were some great innovations (e.g. crowd-sourcing technology connecting restaurant ingredients to their sources) and animated and entertaining performances (e.g. by an amazing 6th grade teacher in the South Bronx that built an edible wall with his students).  I also saw – for at least the 3rd or 4th time – this Jamie Oliver TED Talk.  It inspires me every time.

But what left the deepest impression on me was the final talk of the day, by Gary Oppenheimer, founder of  Over 50 million Americans live in food insecure homes and many rely on local food pantries.  But the amount of food is often insufficient and we all know that food drives (which supply the pantries) only take non-perishable items such as canned food.

At the same time, over 40 million Americans have home gardens and at harvest time have too much fresh veggies and fruit for them to use.  Much of their produce is thrown away or left to rot, even after sharing with their friends and neighbors. educates and encourages gardeners to donate their excess harvest to local pantries, providing fresh produce that will help to feed the needy in the community.  The gardeners and beneficiaries both know that the food is grown and is benefitting someone else in their own neighborhood.

The beauty of organizations like this is the innovation to create real value (fresh, tasty and healthy produce for the hungry, an improved community bond, and less waste) out of nothing.



One thought on “ – Connecting Hungry Americans with Home Gardeners

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! Gardeners across America have the power to help fight hunger, malnutrition and obesity in their own communities while helping their neighbors in need. Food pantries register on for free and gardeners visit the site and use a simple zip code search to find them. A sustainable ongoing local food supply is created for as long as that gardener and food pantry have a relationship. It’s a simple idea that’s working.

    Please take action and help pantries in your area find out about, and register with, the campaign, then get the word out to others in your community, by using the tools at Then visit, to find a pantry and share some produce!

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