New footage from Ruhiira, Uganda!

We received some new footage from the school meal program in Ruhiira, Uganda today!  The pictures were taken by Stephane Keil, a graduate student at Columbia University’s new Masters in Development Practice (MDP) program, who is spending the summer in the Millennium Village there.

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up with our partners on this side of the “table,” but we can’t forget the ultimate beneficiaries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Thanks for the pictures Stephane!

[The food being served is called “posho,” made by boiling maize (or corn) flour in water.  It is most commonly cooked to a dough-like consistency and eaten with vegetables.  Here, it is served as porridge.  Posho is common all over East Africa, known also as ugali (in Kenya) and nsima (in Malawi), among other names.]


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